From partnership agreements to shape and develop specific research and innovation projects, to mentoring and pre-competitive support for digital startup on national territory

From mentoring of the digital startup SMARTS SRL,
here comes a whole line of ICT products and solutions for mobile operators,
a set of applications to test the performances and
to optimize wi-fi networks

  • Agent
  • BeMy Tester
  • Telco Dashboard

From the sinergy with Devoloop digital startup, here
comes a whole line of applications for socials media on mobile devices

  • Treasure Hunter ®

From the collaboration with Copyleft, here comes the project

  • Cybersecurity and Web Design in PA

From the collaboration with Braing SRL, here comes the
Housing project:

  • Provision of ready to rent/ready to buy TLC infrastustures 

With Università della Calabria there are ongoing projects
of research and innovation, aimed both at improving company know how
and creating new prototype


  • Remote Control of fatigue strength behaviour of mobile telecomunications masts
  • Advanced technologies for the analysis of passive intermodulation events in mobile networks


A signed  partnership protocol with the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of  Telecommunications of the reinforcement of the regulatory framework and the control system for the protection of the public from the exposure to electromagnetic fields within the bands 100 kHz - 300 GHz