New Corporate Social Responsibility Plan 2022

New Corporate Social Responsibility Plan 2022


Since the beginning of our activity we have held to fundamental principles and values that have been consolidated over the years. Ethics, rights, respect for the environment, inclusiveness, are satellites that gravitate around our world. Essential points of reference.


This year we decided to focus on new challenges to reduce CO2 consumption and make our contribution to the planet. 2021 was the year of awareness of climate change, despite the fact that it is a problem that humanity has been dragging on for a long time. We have no more excuses not to intervene. With all the tools we have available, we must do something.

Human rights and gender equality:

The absence of discrimination of any kind and the respect of one’s being as a person is what we firmly believe in. We do not discriminate by age, ethnicity or religion, gender. We plan to plan activities and moments of discussion among the collaborators, so that we can discuss and be more aware of them. We support the LGBTQ+ world and Sisem does not place any constraints on its employees in terms of gender identity. We are also working to recruit more women and people with disabilities, and we are also moving in the direction of gender pay equality and promotion to executive and management positions.

In the attached document there is a summary of the goals achieved and our new plan 2022. We also talk about welfare and corporate giving, other areas of enormous importance in our company policy.

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