Divisions & services

• Civil and plant design of towers for telecommunications

• Structural and electrotechnical assessment of existing TLC systems.

• General and executive design of fiber optic networks.

• Drafting of environmental feasibility studies: constraints of landscape protection, protection of ecosystems, hydrogeological risk, etc.

• Monitoring of authorisation procedures in the competent and control authorities

• Works Management and drafting of Security Coordination Plans, also in confined environments

• Forecasting analysis of Electromagnetic Impact

• Instrumental investigations to characterize human exposure to high frequency electromagnetic fields

• Monitoring of human exposure levels to low frequency electric and magnetic fields

• Electromagnetic risk assessment for workers

• Georadar surveys for the verification of sub-services

• Topological and cartographic referencing of fibre links and network paths

• Drive test and optimization activities for 2G/3G/4G/5G mobile networks – (Rohde&Schwarz instrumentation)

• Indoor/outdoor Voce&Date test on 2G/3G/4G/5G mobile networks and WiFi – (Smart Agent Pro application)

• Search and troubleshooting external interfering sources for 2G/3G/4G/5G and WiFi systems.

• Radio planning and customer-oriented indoor coverage projects

• Consultancy with secondment of experienced engineers of radio design and performance optimization and KPI at the customer

•LOS&MIM: Feasibility study of point-to-point microwave connections with interference analysis

• Consulting with secondment of experts in Network Implementation and Permit at the customer

• Small cell and Femto Cell installation for network quality improvement and analysis data collection


• Research and acquisition of sites for the realization of mobile telephony systems

• Construction projects for mobile telephony systems in Housing

• Renegotiation of fees and brokerage for the acquisition of area rights

• Fractions and stackings

• Complex coverage and optimization projects (Small Cell, DAS)

  • Network testing app development for professionals
  • Design and development of apps for the mass market (gaming, educational, marketing)

  • Design and development of “internet of things” systems for monitoring antenna-holder structures

  • Mobile analytics

  • Digital marketing

Activities in the territory

Design new plants and update existing plants

Engineering services to support the implementation of telecommunications networks are our core business. From preliminary analyses to authorizations, from design to plant construction, the engineering division deals with all phases. 


Evaluation of the feasibility of radio link also with electromagnetic analysis for long distances. Analysis of the availability of interference-free radio channels.

Interference search with troubleshooting 2G/3G/4G

Detection of poor performance problems in Downlink, with the help of scanners, due to auto-Pollution or interference created by other TLC operators on adjacent or equivalent frequencies. Evaluation of interference in Uplink caused by malfunction of antenna or other elements on the chain TX/RX – PIM (passive intermodulation). Search and shut down of interference in Uplink with causes due to extra-system sources, also in collaboration with ministerial technicians.

Test mobile networks in benchmark

Measuring the performance KPIs of a mobile network on vehicles equipped with or handheld devices for testing indoors or in high-frequency areas such as airports, stations, sports centers or shops.  These tests can also be used to evaluate performance after a radio or technology upgrade, to optimize network design, calibrate performance based on user preferences and in benchmark with competitors.

In 2018, the Lab-ICT division was born that has grown the digital start-up SMARTS srl, UniRC spinoff whose project has seen the creation of SMART AGENT: applications for monitoring and evaluating the customer experience for professionals in mobile phone companies.

What we do

What we do

  • We deal with Data analytics mobile marketing for the PA with institutional and social purposes such as promoting sites of tourist interest, territorial marketing.

  • Development of creative-educational gaming platforms and enhancement of historical and cultural heritage.

  • Thanks to the development of ad hoc applications and the use of advanced instrumentation, we are increasing our presence in the field of quality verification of mobile radio networks both in outdoor and indoor environments. The experience of our professionals allows us to offer a very fast and effective Turn Key service for the control and improvement of qos.

  • Having particular attention to innovative contexts, experience, results, we also deal with the development, production and marketing of innovative services with high technological value and digital marketing activities.